I am a writer, cartoonist, and curator. I’m not from the Midwest originally, but ran a small press and art space in Chicago for 17 years. That experience was formative to say the least. I’ve since moved to New Mexico to finish a novel and am in the process of moving to Oxford (UK) for grad school. This substack is my attempt to write letters about the ways in which my sense of place is shaped by friends, art, and writing that I encounter.

My debut novela, The Healing Circle, won the 2020 women’s prose prize and is coming out this August (2022) from Red Hen Press. I also wrote a graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune (Radiator Comics, 2017).

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Author The Healing Circle (Red Hen Press) + Chronicles of Fortune (Radiator Comics) / Coeditor Art after Nature (Minnesota) / Founder Green Lantern Press / high altitude Capricorn / Curator / she/her